Hard Link question – Linux & Unix – BleepingComputer

I am considering using hardlinks to reduce the use of disk resources in Linux (lets keep this simpler).  There are two groups of files I am considering using links one — one is videos and pictures, Videos I edit but the edited copies are not dups to the originals and a renamed in the editing processs.  Pictures I do not edit so no issue.  Spreadsheets and other textual documents are better…….

2 ways to install Chrome Browser on Ubuntu 22.04 | 20.04 Linux – H2S Media

Looking for an answer to how do I install Google Chrome browser in Ubuntu 22.04 Jammy Jelly Fish or Ubuntu 20.04 Focal fossa? Then here are the commands to follow. Chrome is the free internet browser from Google and with its search engine as default. It is currently one of the popular and most widely used browsers in the world, ahead of Mozilla Firefox and Microsoft Internet Explorer (Edge). I…….

How to install AnyDesk on Debian 11 Bullseye Linux – H2S Media

In this tutorial, we will learn the commands to add a repository of AnyDesk on Debian 11 Bullseye or 10 Buster. Those who don’t know about this app- AnyDesk is a popular and very simple to use remote server or desktop management application. It allows the users to control other computers remotely, or to control your computer remotely. The free remote access software is the alternative to Tea…….

What Is ‘Apt-Get’ In Linux And How To Use It? – Fossbytes

Despite being accused of “hard to use” operating system, GNU/Linux OSes are fantastic free alternatives to Windows and macOS. Despite the growing list of Linux distributions, Linux is now as straightforward and intuitive as other operating systems. Unlike Windows, which only allows you to install apps from .exe files and the Windows Store, Linux has APT (Advanced Package Tool), which h…….

How to list all running & stopped Docker containers – Linux Shout

Docker is the popular platform to run container virtual machines using the pre-built app images. The installation and its usage are pretty simple, yet, if you are new to it and want to know how to list all the created or stopped Docker containers to delete or manage them easily. Then here are the commands to follow.

Command to list the docker containers

docker ps —option


Apple car will arrive at the same time as Linux on the desktop – Fudzilla

Years after big reveal,  Tame Apple Press predicts Apple is unlikely to get its car vapourware on the road for at least another 20 years even if it has a “big reveal” in five years, the Tame Apple Press finally admits.

For years the TAPs has been running stories insisting that an Apple car was a few years away, even while its Project Titan was downsized and talent left to…….

FUTEX2 futex_waitv Wired Up For Other Architectures With Linux 5.16-rc3 – Phoronix

FUTEX2 as in the new futex_waitv system call landed in Linux 5.16 back during the merge window for improving the efficiency of running Windows games on Linux for those that rely on Windows’ WaitForMultipleObjects functionality with futex_waitv is now the ability to wait on multiple futexes. That new system call is now supported on more architectures with the next Linux 5.16 release candidate.

Quickemu- Run Windows 11 on Ubuntu 20.04 LTS Linux in few clicks – Linux Shout

Do you want to install Windows 10 or 11 on your Ubuntu 20.04 or 22.04 LTS Linux using QEMU-KVM virtual machine? Then here is a tutorial to do that using the command terminal and Quickemu + Quickgui.

Although we all have a simple solution that is a virtual box to run Windows 11 virtual machine, what about KVM? Some will say it is not easy to operate because of the command line but no the…….

How to Install WordPress on AlmaLinux 8 | Rocky Linux 8 – Linux Shout

In this tutorial, we are providing the steps to install WordPress with Apache web server on ALamLinux or Rocky Linux 8 running VPS, Cloud Hosting, or local Server using the command line. 

WordPress doesn’t need any introduction whosoever is in blogging or web development would already know about this opens source content management system. Millions of websites are currently running o…….